• Cllr Jacob Birch


I have recently been contacted about the possibility of a cycle lane along the A165 much like the one along the A1035 from Tickton to White Cross.

I have spoken to officers at East Riding of Yorkshire Council today and the update I have had is below.

When the A1035 route from Tickton to White Cross was implemented, the route from White Cross to Long Riston was investigated and costs were given.

There was a funding grant for the A1035 route but the Long Riston A165 route could not be funded from this. Since then there have been no further finding opportunities for the A165 route to be looked at.

The route is being constantly reviewed but the cost has significantly increased since it was first costed, at the time of the A1035 route.

It is also worth noting that there is a huge pressure on local government finance, with a large amount of pressure on the social care sector, which has in part arisen from the current situation. Therefore it is difficult to see any realistic funding opportunities in the near future.

I am personally in support of such a route as it does increase safety of those using it and promotes exercise. I however agree that the council must be fiscally responsible and prioritise funds appropriately.

I have requested that if the concerned team are made aware of further funding opportunities, that they make the A165 route a priority.

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