• Cllr Jacob Birch

More vandalism at Wawne Recreation Ground

Yet again mindless vandals have graffitied all over the Recreation Ground in Wawne. This is the second set of “artworks” that has appeared in recent weeks, clearly those responsible have nothing better to do, and don’t mind displaying disgusting behaviour.

It would seem that this latest “installation” is by a frequent visitor. I am no expert but given the letters “NBE” can be seen in various areas, in various colours, it is safe to assume this is the same anti-social, anti-community minded individual or individuals.

This has been duly reported to Wawne Parish Council Clerk, for reporting to Humberside Police. I also hope that the Wawne Parish Council handyperson can clean this latest set of graffiti off as they are not suitable images at all for a Recreation Ground.

Please note some of these images contain graphic drawings.

What has happened here is illegal, and displaying this criminal behaviour is both disrespectful to those using the Recreation Ground and Wawne Parish Council. I hope that eventually they will be caught, and subsequently dealt with by the full force of the law.

I will also be referring the matter to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Anti-Social Behaviour Team for their immediate attention.

This pathetic behaviour simply is not on, and I for one will not stand for it. I will do all I can to ensure the issue is addressed working with the Wawne Community, Wawne Parish Council, Humberside Police and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

If you see any further vandalism like this or have any more information to help catch these individuals, please report it directly to Humberside Police on 101, and also let the Clerk to Wawne Parish Council know the log number.

Cllr Jacob L Birch

Mid Holderness Ward

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