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Wawne School Bus – UPDATE 2

The current situation regarding the Wawne School Bus and more specifically the location of where the School Bus stops to pick-up and drop-off the Young People is very complex and there are ongoing events surrounding this.

Today (21/05/2021) East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) has written to Wawne Parish Council to seek their views on the two proposed pick-up locations for the Wawne School Bus. The Parish Council have been asked to give their views on the two below proposed pick up locations:

1. Leave the pick-up point on Main Street outside the village store and residential properties numbers 54-56A, or;

2. Move the pick-up point to outside the Village Hall

Furthermore, Wawne Parish Council has been consulted on who is most likely to be affected by either of the proposed stop locations. These residents will then also be consulted prior to making a final decision.

Members of ERYC’s Road Safety Team considered the current 947 school bus stop arrangements, as well as potential alternative locations, and provided the transport team with their views on each location’s suitability. They concluded that the stop at the junction of Greens Lane and Main Street is unsuitable due to vehicle reversing movements at that site. They also concluded that the current stop outside the village store and residential properties numbers 54-56A is suitable. Furthermore, they looked at the possibility of moving the 947-school bus stop to the bus stop outside the Village Hall. Their view was that this would also be a suitable pick-up location for the school bus.

The highways department of ERYC advised that what could be undertaken is not a Highways Assessment but a Road Safety Audit. However, a Road Safety Audit isn't suitable under these circumstances, as an audit normally accompanies an engineering scheme and is a staged approach to reflect the development and implementation of the scheme.

So, the Road Safety Observations mentioned in a previous update on this issue, is what ERYC are looking at and are basing the two proposed locations on. The Road Safety team carried out their observations in accordance with Road Safety GB guidelines and on the presumption that all road users will follow the Highway Code. The reason they were asked to carry out the observations was due to the safety concerns raised about the Greens Lane stop.

I will work with Wawne Parish Council to ensure that ERYC has all the details needed to make an informed decision.

I would urge any residents who would like to comment on this issue or be consulted by ERYC to write to the myself using the below details to ensure your views are heard. Please including your full contact details so that East Riding of Yorkshire Council can get in touch with you in due course. This must be done via email, of by post as soon as possible.

Unfortunately comments on social media, such as Facebook are not a suitable way to deal with case work, and as such if you wish for an issue to be looked at and/ or dealt with please email or call me.


Cllr Jacob L Birch


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