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Wawne School Bus - UPDATE

The current situation regarding the Wawne School Bus and more specifically the location of where the School Bus stops to pick-up and drop-ff the Young People is very complex and there are ongoing events surrounding this.

The current standing is that for the time being the Bus will be picking up outside the Post Office on Main Street, Wawne. In the background I am working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Wawne Parish Council and residents to work towards a solution to this issue, which is in the best interests of as many involved parties as possible.

On Thursday 13th May, I met onsite (Main Street) with a representative from Wawne Parish Council as well as a resident to discuss the issue. I invited the resident, who is a parent of a bus user to be present, so it did not look like two males where around the School Bus Pick up. As far as I am aware no other residents or parents where aware of the meeting taking place.

Although it was not known to me, or planned by myself, there was two Road Safety officers at the site at the same time. The Road Safety officers from ERYC were instructed to carry out a Road Safety check/ observation of both the Main Street pick up location and the Greens Lane pick up location.

During the meeting on Thursday 13th, residents from around the area came out to meet and chat with myself and ERYC officers.

The way forward now is that a formal assessment of all locations for the Bus Stop might be carried out. If this is carried out there will be an assessment of all locations, which I believe will include Greens Lane, Post Office on Main Street and Village Hall on Main Street. The Road Safety team did not find the Greens Lane location suitable, however they did look at the Village Hall and this was considered a safe option. It is worth stressing that this is not the final decision and only a from a Road Safety point of view.

The Road Safety team are not highway engineers, their site observations are carried out in accordance with Road Safety GB guidelines and on the presumption that all road users will follow the Highway Code. The reason they were asked to carry out the observations was due to the safety concerns raised about the Greens Lane stop.

If the formal assessment of the best location is carried out, it will take some time and the scoping process will include input from Wawne Parish Council, Highways and Ward Councillors. Once a preferred location is identified a consultation would be carried out to speak to the directly affected residents of the proposed pick-up area.

Once I have further information, I will update all those concerned as soon as I can.

If there are further issues relating to this issue, such as Anti-Social behaviour and/ or concerns around pictures being taken and/ or filming being done - or anything that residents and parents are worried about that might constitute police involvement then this needs to be reported to Humberside Police directly.

If you are unsure who needs to be made aware of events surrounding this issue, or any other issue please email me, and I will try and advise you on the best course of action. Similarly, if there are any other issues which you wish to speak to me about, please get in touch via email or phone.

If you have comments to make about where you think the School Bus Stop should be please send them to me on email, so I can ensure that ERYC officers are aware at the time of the preferred location being decided.

Unfortunately comments on Facebook or any social media are not a suitable way to deal with case work, and as such if you wish for an issue to be looked at and/ or dealt with please email or call me.


Cllr Jacob L Birch


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