• Cllr Jacob Birch


UPDATE 08/05/2021

Further to my previous update regarding the Wawne School Bus I have spoken to officers at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

It has been confirmed to me that the new bus stop go Greens Lane will be used from 10th May, this will be maintained for the moment whilst a review is undertaken, to then look at the situation again.

An Assessment of the 2 stops (Greens Lane & PO Main Street) by the Councils Road Safety team will be carried out urgently. Depending on the outcome of that assessment will determine if the bus stop moves back to Main Street or stays on Greens Lane.

The behaviour of the resident (filming etc) is however a separate issue, and as I am sure you are aware Humberside Police have been informed. In addition to this the Councils LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) has been informed, to see if this constitutes a safeguarding investigation.

If any resident has any further questions or issues, they wish to discuss relating to this or any other matters please email me directly on - unfortunately it can be hard to read and respond to all comments affectively.

UPDATE 30/04/2021

Following the post about children being filmed at the School Bus Stop in ”What’s going on in Wawne” I wrote to ERYC to make them aware and ask for an update.

I have been informed the council are aware of the situation and have been informed the filming is likely to be have been due to children kicking stones etc. into the residents drive, however the actions are obviously not an appropriate response.

ERYC will be writing to parents to inform them that the bus stop will move to a different location, which will start from the 10th May.

If anyone has any further questions please email me on - as questions can get lost in comments!

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