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Revised Traffic Management Plan - Rathlin UK - West Newton

Following concerns raised to me about the revised TMP being put in place on Friday last week I asked for details on the process and timeline this followed.

West Newton Well Site A and Well Site B have separate planning permissions and conditions attached to permission secure various planning matters including Traffic Management Plans.

*West Newton A*

Planning permission is reference 18/02924/CM (November 2018) and condition 6 secures the Traffic Management Plan as follows:

“6. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority prior to implementation the development shall proceed in accordance with the details agreed under 13/30064/CONDET regarding a Traffic Management Plan and photographic highway condition survey.”

This condition is imposed to secure a safe and adequate means of access to the proposed development.

*West Newton B*

Planning permission is reference 14/04107/STPLF and condition 10 secures the Traffic Management Plan stating:

“The development shall be carried out in accordance with the submitted Traffic Management Plan unless otherwise agreed in writing with the local planning authority.”

Due to the wording of the conditions attached to planning permissions at both well sites the applicant is entitled to submit alternative Traffic Management Plan details with the Local Planning Authority. I have been assured the revised Traffic Management Plan details have been carefully considered by senior experienced Highway Officers at East Riding of Yorkshire Council before no objections were raised.

It can be noted from the information publicly available to view on East Riding of Yorkshire Councils website through Public Access on planning permissions/discharge of condition consent reference 14/04107/STPLF, 13/30064/CONDET, and 18/02924/CM that additional information was requested (30th July 2021), received (17th August) and several weeks were taken from the revised traffic management plan initial submission on the 16th June 2021 until it was approved on the 27th August 2021.

Because applications to discharge planning conditions or subsequent additional information are not applications for planning permission, they are not governed by the same publication requirements in Government legislation and comments from Members of the Public are not sought. Additional information submitted is only made public once it has been considered and a decision made to either accept or refuse.

Further details and an update from Rathlin can be found on Rathlin’s website:

To view the details of this revised traffic management plan and/ or comment on any current application please visit:

Should residents have any further questions they wish to raise please contact me directly. Please use email:

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