• Cllr Jacob Birch

Pothole Repairs

Pothole repair works carried out are part of the councils Roadmaster programme which uses a process know as velocity patching, which we have used successfully throughout the East Riding over the last 6 years.

Velocity patching in it’s simplest form is the spraying of bitumen and bitumen coated chippings into potholes and onto a road surface very quickly and efficiently.

Roadmaster® is a single manned road repair and maintenance vehicle capable of performing velocity patching to a high standard on a variety of road defects. A large number of Local Authorities use this method of road repairs.

As part of the process of laying the materials there can be some loose chippings as the works are ongoing and "Loose Chippings" warning signs are erected at either end of the job to give warning to the public whilst works are ongoing.

Once the works are complete the road is swept to remove any loose chippings on the patches and surrounding areas. This type of works is generally only used in rural area's. The patches can look poor soon after they have been laid, however after a week of vehicles driving over them, the patches will settle. If you’d like to report a pothole this can be done on the councils website here.

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