• Cllr Jacob Birch

Meaux Road/ Meaux Lane Improvement Works

Recently East Riding of Yorkshire Council has carried out improvement works to the edge of Meaux Road/ Meaux Lane. These improvement works included patching work and kerbing. The work is still ongoing and will continue into early 2021.

Following the start of these works I have received numerous complaints about the works that have been carried out and as such I have written to the engineer from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, so that they can address the issues that have been raised.

I have been advised that the works have been carried out to “reclaim the road”, thus, to prevent over-running which is causing damage to the edge of the carriage way in the form of potholes, rutting and the carriageway breaking away.

The decision to undertake this work was done after looking at and assessing the complaints, claims, safety inspection information, reactive spend and accidents. Over the past 5 years there has been 13 complaints and 6 claims.

There have also been 54 job tickets issues as a result of monthly inspections, thus resulting in a spend of £56,000 on carriageway repairs (including patching etc). In addition to this there has also been 6 KSI accidents (Kill or Serious Injury), however there has been numerous other non-injury incidents causing damage to street furniture, which are not included in these statistics.

The cost of the project was £35,000 for approximately 2000m of extruded kerbing laid over 3 days, standard kerbing for this length would cost in excess of £125,000 and take several weeks to install.

Due to the persistent nature of the damage occurring and the ongoing maintenance liability the damaged areas are having to be constantly filled with tarmac. However, this repair method has no structural strength, and the damage continues to happen. There have also been numerous complaints to the council about vehicles being damaged by the rutting and potholes.

The installation of the kerbing is as close to the edge of the carriageway as possible. This has made the carriage way narrower in some area but has not made it any narrower than other parts of the carriage way.

There are gaps in the kerbing to allow for drainage, and these has been rounded off so there should not be any sharp edges. I have requested that the kerbing at the gaps be chamfered, which will be done in the direction of travel in due course.

A solid white line will be introduced indicating the edge of the carriageway in the early 2021, this should highlight the extent of the available carriageway. There are currently cones placed at the start of each kerb run to highlight the new kerbs, which will be removed once the white lies are in place. In addition “New Road Layout” signs have been introduced.

The kerbing is constructed out of “extruded asphalt” which is the same material that a road is constructed from. I have been advised there is no other material available. Vehicles traveling at an appropriate speed should be able to mount the kerb if required as the kerbing is the same height as is typically found in an urban area.

As funding becomes available and materials allow the gap between the back of the new kerbs and the verge will be top soiled and seeded.

These works are part of the pre-surface dressing/ patching of the carriageway. The council are intending on surface dressing (tar and chippings) Meaux Road/ Lane in summer 2021, and this work is preparation for that.

If any residents have any further questions regarding Meaux Road/ Lane please do feel free to email me at

If you suffer damage to your vehicle on a public highway you can find information on how to contact the council here

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