• Cllr Jacob Birch


East Riding of Yorkshire Council has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering an even more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace and applying those principles in the services it delivers.

Councillor Jacob Birch said “I am pleased to say that the needs of everyone is high on the agenda within the Council. East Riding of Yorkshire Council is committed to not only meeting its statutory obligations with regards to equalities, diversity and inclusion, but also taking further steps to become an even better employer and service provider.”

At the recent Full Council meeting of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Councillor Birch asked, “Can the Leader please provide an update on the Council’s progress on embedding equalities, diversity and inclusion both as an employer and in the design and delivery of the services we provide for our residents?”

The question was answered by Councillor Healing, the Portfolio Holder for Community Involvement and Council Corporate Services. The full response can be found here or watch on YouTube.

Councillor Healing said during the meeting, “…As an employer, equality, diversity and inclusion have long been central to our approach and are indeed within the framework of our emerging new People Strategy…”

“…a corporate approach is taken to the design and delivery of services in line with our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion that I have outlined...”

Following the meeting, Councillor Healing added, “I am really proud of East Riding of Yorkshire Council as we continue to show our commitment to be a leading Authority, and a modern, forward thinking organisation and I will continue to highlight all the work we do on Equality, Diversity and inclusion”.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is an award-winning council and in with that is its commitment to meet and go beyond its statutory responsibilities with regards to equalities, diversity and inclusion. A LGBT staff forum has been introduced as well as the “GET IN” recruitment programme to encourage younger people to apply for roles with the Council.

As a public body, the Council is required to publish equality objectives every four years and these are set out in the Council’s Equality Plan. A Plan for 2020-24 was approved by Council in March 2020.

Councillor Birch said, “I would urge any residents, no matter who you are, where you live or what you believe in to use the council’s services, and should the opportunity arise, apply to work for the council.”

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