• Cllr Jacob Birch

East Riding team up with HEY Smile Foundation

East Riding of Yorkshire Council are going to tackle the community response by working alongside the HEY Smile Foundation, a charity which works closely with the private, public and voluntary sectors.  This partnership puts the council in a strong position to provide that support to our residents who most need it. Plans are in place to set up a contact centre which will take calls and receive emails from vulnerable or at risk residents who need our help.  This will be in place by the middle of week commencing 23 March.  This centre will receive and record the requests for help and will triage those requests and source the best solution. The council are very much aware of the great work and community spirit that has been established over the last few weeks across the East Riding by residents in response to this pandemic.  It would be very helpful to have the best possible understanding of what community and other groups there are out there across the East Riding willing to help those residents who need it.

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I therefore encourage any community or voluntary groups, along with those groups set up on social media channels, to register their details on This website is hosted by the HEY Smile Foundation and the aim is to build up a detailed database of organisations that can work alongside us and build our resilience when helping those in need.

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