• Cllr Jacob Birch

Community Funding for Mid Holderness

On Thursday 30thMay 2019 Councillor Birch attended his first meeting of the Withernwick Community Wind Farm Fund. The committee is made up of representatives from several parish councils and Councillor Birch, who is the East Riding of Yorkshire Councils representative. The meeting is facilitated by staff from ERYC. 

The committee is set up to manage the funds which are received from EnergieKontor UK Limited as a yearly donation. The amount of the donation is based on a formula of £2,000 per megawatt of the wind farms operating capacity which, with indexation, is now worth approximately £40,000 for each year.  

Funding is available to local community organisations for educational, community, environmental, energy efficiency and community amenity initiatives taking place in the electoral wards of Mid and North Holderness with a preference for appropriate initiatives in the proximity to the wind farm. 

Applications are accepted from community groups, community organisations, charities, parish councils, schools and churches. New groups or ideas for projects where a group does not currently exist can be considered. 

At his first meeting Councillor Birch supported the funding of a sports and recreation club which takes place in Aldbrough. Also supported by Councillor Birch was funding for an upgrade that was needed to the CCTV system of a village hall in the area.

Councillor Birch said “I think it is vitally important that the immediate community see a direct benefit of such developments such as wind farms. It is also great to see that money is being spent on the young people of the area and on encouraging them to get more active, which is vital in this day and age of technology. I also like that we were able to support a local village hall in the much-needed upgrades they had to pay for.”

The committee also looked at how it could reach a wider audience and get a larger amount of differing applications so that the fund is allocated on a variety of projects. To do this, the committee agreed to contact local parish councils and community groups to advise them that the funding is available.

Councillor Birch said “I believe that every group in the Mid and North Holderness should know about and have access to easily apply for the funding. Some groups rely solely on generous donations and grants so having access to a fund of this size could mean the prolonged success of the group or organisation.” 

For further information om how to apply please contact Jacob

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