• Cllr Jacob Birch

Bilton/ Wyton Juntion

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have recently carried out works on the Junction between Bilton and Wyton on the B1238. These works removed the single lane junction coming from eastbound so that all traffic (except bicycles) had to go around the island, rather than carrying straight on.

Following these works several issues have been raised to me by residents. The issues raised are around the signage and the safety of the new layout.

Following raising these issues with ERYC I was advised:

“The junction realignment works were recommended following a collision study undertaken which revealed there had been 3 recorded personal injury collisions at the junction in the 5 year period studied. All 3 personal injury collisions at this location involved southeast bound vehicles, 2 of which were single vehicle loss of controls. Drivers of these vehicles may have not adequately identified the change in alignment of the route. The other PIC was a rear shunt collision in the same direction and may be related to route alignment.”

For those who are not aware the area coming from Bilton to Wyton is now no longer a lane for vehicles and has been turned into a short stretch of cycle lane. However, many motorists have carried on straight driving across the new cycle lane, this includes motorbikes, cars, and vans.

I have visited the site on Wednesday 23rd June and observed the traffic and new junction layout. Whilst I did not observe any vehicles driving on the new cycle lane, I did see vehicle slow down and what looked to be them trying to turn down the new cycle lane before realising they could not.

Whilst on site I noted there seems to be no new signage and/ or changed signage to alert motorists to this change. I firmly believe that such a significant change to this a junction of this kind should have at least two things introduced: 1) “New Road Layout” signs warning drivers prior to the junction and 2) the current signage needs to be updated to show you do not simply carry on straight as before.

Following on from these visits to the site and the representations made to me I have written to the director of Communities and Environment at East Riding of Yorkshire Council ask them to looking into this issue urgently and address the points I have raised.

I am pleased to say that shortly after my site visit temporary “New Road Layout” signs where introduced.

On the 6th July I was advised that new “proper” signage was going to be installed, this being direction signs demonstrating and reflecting the new alignment as well as “New Road Layout” signs. There will also hopefully be the introduction of a green painted section to indicate the cycle Lane, along with a few other changes to alert drivers to the new layout.

If residents feel they wish to raise concerns about this issue or any other issue please feel free to contact me directly using my email address: or via the contact form on my website:

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