• Cllr Jacob Birch

A step towards saving a life

Saturday the 11thof May saw the inaugural FREE First Aid course organised by Councillor Jacob Birch (Mid Holderness). The session was delivered by Chris from North East Medical Services (NEMS) and was carried out in partnership and funded by Wawne Parish Council.

The course took place in Wawne Village Hall for residents of Wawne Parish over a 3-hour period. The afternoon was attended by 13 residents ranging from 12 to 60 plus. The session included the basics of emergency first aid such as “DR ABC” and “CPR” to the more advanced use of an AED (Defibrillator).

Councillor Birch said “A course like this is such a fantastic way of learning new skills or refreshing some old knowledge. I was very pleased to see such a good group of residents from the community with such a vast age range in attendance. It was said that if a 12-year-old can grasp the basics of such fundamental training, then anyone can”

“I would like to see this course rolled out across my ward of Mid Holderness into several different parishes and eventually across the whole of the East Riding. If only a handful of residents from different communities learn these skills, then more lives can potentially be saved”

One attendee, Martin said “Excellent course giving practical instructions and hands on experience on CPR and Defibrillator use. Everyone should do this training - it could save someone's life. Highly recommended”

Another attendee, Michelle said “I would highly recommend doing the First Aid training. I definitely feel confident in using a defibrillator and carrying our CPR, if the situation ever arises.”

If someone is found to be in cardiac arrest and are administered with CPR and a shock from an AED, they have a 90% chance of recovery. Even with just CPR to chances of survival are greatly increased.

On completion of the course those that took part will receive a certificate and a booklet on what they have been taught. Moving forward those that have been trained will be asked to volunteer for a community alert group where they can be called upon should they be needed.

If anyone is interested in running or attending one of these courses, then please contact Councillor Birch for more details.

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